No Man’s Sky Guide: Using Signal Scanners To Discover Resources

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The scanner in this game is a useful attachment to the multi-tool and it can be used to identify and highlight useful resources and other points of interest.

This Using Signal Scanners To Discover Resources guide will show how to use signal scanners to discover resources.

No Man’s Sky Guide: Using Signal Scanners To Discover Resources

Signal Scanners are the definite areas where the player must interact to scan the planet. In addition to the scanner, if the player has the Analysis Visor tool, virtual tags appear for different resources.

No Man's Sky Guide: Using Signal Scanners To Discover Resources


There are the Interest Points and Discoveries which you get after the Scan:


This is a relic. Once the player interacts with it, the outcome depends on the morale of the alien species living on that planet. Choose the right option and your health points will be recovered. There is also a possibility of increasing the standing with an alien race and learning a new word in their language.

Colonist Outpost

This houses the console. The player needs the Access Code to solve the puzzle. If the player solves it, the reward will be new items and new words.

Knowledge Stone

This allows players to learn new things and new words from alien species. These stones are found at various waypoints and at The Atlas in the Atlas Interface.

Transmission Tower

On every planet, there is an outpost with a Red Laser which needs a Bypass Chip to enter. To get there, select the Transmission option to get the tower’s location, go there and interact with the object. A distressed signal is heard if the player solves the puzzle. This signal leads to a new starship with higher slots and upgrades.


It is a small house with various rewards and blueprints. There are drop pods here which can help the player buy exosuit upgrades and inventory slots.

Scanners, if damaged, can be repaired with 25 carbon. They can also be dismantled to get 25 carbon. It is up to the player to make the decision.

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