NVIDIA Released Watch Dogs 2 GameWorks Trailer

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Watch Dogs 2 made it way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last week and is going to be released for PC on November 29th. To increase the hype for Watch Dogs 2 PC fans, Nvidia just released the Watch Dogs 2 GameWorks trailers. Here it is what they had to say

Featuring a stylized, digital recreation of San Francisco, the game boasts plenty to see and do, and on PC its incredible amount of content will be rendered at a significantly higher level of detail, and be enhanced by NVIDIA GameWorks visual effects.

Having worked closely with Ubisoft throughout Watch Dogs 2’s development, we’ve had the opportunity to integrate HBAO+ for richer, more realistic Ambient Occlusion contact shadowing; PCSS and HFTS for vastly improved character, object and world shadowing; TXAA for improved anti-aliasing and the addition of temporal anti-aliasing; SLI for increased performance on Multi-GPU systems; Surround for immersive triple-screen gaming; and NVIDIA Ansel, an in-game tool that enables you to capture unique screenshots in Super Resolution, Stereo, 360° Virtual Reality, and 360° Stereo formats.