Perfect hardware for gaming – does such exist?

The gaming culture is divided nowadays into three flows: mobile, console, and PC gaming. Most of the developers create games with very high system requirements – for the best computers and mobile devices, for the latest generations of the consoles.  How can gamers deal with a situation, when their hardware becomes old and untrendy so quickly, and when new games just can’t run even on the relatively new equipment?

It would be interesting and useful to have a look at those flows in the culture separately and distinguish their indications of the perfect hardware.

But first…

What kind of gamer are you?

Recent researches show that a lot of people enjoy playing games on two device types at the same time. Usually, they are mobile and PC, or mobile and consoles. For most of these gamers, one device becomes primary.

Don’t try to categorize yourself, that’s not the point. Just try to feel yourself. Gaming hardware is not for bragging to friends or on social networks. Your gaming device should represent your gaming style, your kind of personality.

Perfect hardware for gaming – does such exist?

Mobile Gaming

Smartphones and tablets are sources of daily entertainment. They are absolutely good for casual gaming, what includes short playing sessions in such games as Subway Surfers, various Bubble Shooters, many puzzles, simple platformers and races. Even such big and popular games as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are seriously simplified in comparison to their PC versions.

Mobile Gaming is fun entertainment, mostly not very serious. Many mobile gamers play just regularly but for short periods of time, often jumping between game titles. Only a small number of mobile gamers are passionate about only one big game, such as Hearthstone or Pokémon Duel.

Console Gaming

PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch are dedicated entirely to gaming. Almost nothing distract you from virtual adventures, everything is created for gaming convenience.

Many console games are huge, so players should invest lots of time and energy in learning the gameplay, in developing particular skills. Some games ask for dozens of hours just to complete the story mode, and then you can re-play it and get a totally different experience, or visit the multiplayer mode and spend hundreds of hours there.

Console gaming is much more “serious” than mobile. And still, it’s for those, who don’t want to bother themselves with hardware too much. It’s a simple way to have fun in your cozy gaming room.

PC Gaming

Here you’ll find the most hardcore gamers. They delve into virtuality for many hours, the same as guys with consoles. But also, they are very sensitive towards FPS stats, the shape of their mice, and colors of the computer’s cooling system.

Computers are made for various tasks, so you should adapt them for your gaming needs. Using a keyboard is not the same as playing with gamepads. A bit of dedication is needed to master controlling with so many buttons. A bit of dedication is needed to avoid other amazing activities on the computer and use it only for playing.

It’s possible to go on and on about the differences between these types of gaming, but it will be excessive. Just think a bit, and you’ll understand easily what you need: mobile entertainments, console convenience, or PC hardcore.

Perfect Hardware

Technologies are developing so fast nowadays that it would be impossible to name some particular hardware and call it perfect – very soon this will be untrue, new better models will appear on the market, becoming perfect for their short period of time.

Still, some helpful advice for the perfect hardware can be given. This may help to make your gaming absolutely brilliant from the technology point of view – and that’s quite a lot for getting emotional excitement.

Perfectness in mobile hardware

There are a few gaming smartphones of various brands – they are needed only if you are playing multiplayer games a lot and want to become very successful in them. For most of the mobile gamers, such phones are unnecessary powerful.

There are some very expensive flagship smartphones of a particular brand. They have so many cool features, which you won’t use in gaming.

There are some decent phones with a big power of the processor, big capacity of RAM and internal storage, with a nice display and good batteries. These are parameters that build perfect mobile hardware. It’s absolutely unnecessary to buy the most expensive phone or pay for a brand.

What to choose for mobile gaming – smartphones or tablets? Smartphones are more comfortable in most of the cases. They are easier to hold in hands and reach all the virtual buttons.

Perfect hardware for gaming – does such exist?
Man with smartphone

Perfectness in consoles

On the one hand, the choice here is much simpler – just pick up one of three main devices and be happy. But on the other hand, this choice may be much more complicated than choosing one smartphone from hundreds available.

Each brand of game consoles has its own spirit. Have a closer look at PlayStation and Xbox, check the list of exclusives for them, don’t forget to pay enough attention to Nintendo devices as well. Then feel your heart – what do you like more? That will be your best device. Your internal response to the console’s spirit is the ultimate criteria here.

Which generation of the console to choose? The actual one for this moment will be the best decision in the middle of its lifecycle – when a lot of games is released already, and more are on their way (like with PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2018). If a new generation is just released, it may be better to get the previous one, to enjoy a really vast game library and much lower prices.

Perfect hardware for gaming – does such exist?

Perfectness in gaming PCs

We can distinguish two options here – buying a pre-made model or building your own computer. The first one might be more expensive. The second one asks for a deep research on available parts and their compatibility. Both these options are perfectly good. For both you should check one very significant aspect – will be you able to upgrade the computer in the future?

Gaming laptops haven’t such a feature. You can add RAM or replace storage there. But what about graphics cards and CPUs? Playing on the laptop is not very comfortable too – you can’t move the keyboard in a convenient position or adjust the position of the monitor for your ideal comfort.

If you have no problems with the budget, just get the best computer possible. Choose a brand of premade computer you like the most (the same as with consoles) and get its top model.

If your situation is different, choose computer parts of the middle class and build your PC, or buy a desktop computer of the same middle class (with the potential upgrade possibility for variants.) Still, the biggest question remains here – where to get money for the better parts? Is it possible to do from gaming itself? Yes, you can:

  • Stream on Twitch and make gaming videos for YouTube to get revenue from advertisements. The competition here is tough, and you need quite a decent equipment to do this on the high quality level. But maybe that is exactly what you need!
  • Play popular multiplayer games (stream your playing at the same time) and then sell in-game items on special marketplaces. People are ready to buy Dota 2 items – and you can give them such a possibility and get cash for your computer parts. Some players don’t have very much time for gaming, and they are ready to buy CS:GO skins – why not to take their money and get more from time and energy invested in gaming? Most virtual items are not very expensive. Getting rare skins and items is great luck. To avoid scam, use trustworthy platforms, such as DMarket. Mind that Steam marketplace doesn’t allow payouts.
  • Develop your gaming skills, become a pro gamer in Esports, let sponsors pay your bills and care about your gaming hardware. The first two steps might open the door to this third and ultimate one.

Perfect hardware for gaming – does such exist?

Any hardware should bring you joy and happiness. So its perfectness is not the power at all, but your emotions from the playing process. This is a key of perfectness in gaming.