Persona 5 Guide: Batting Center Tips

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Persona 5 is a role-playing video game developed by Atlus for the PS3 and PS4. Persona 5 is the sixth installment in the Persona series which is a part of a larger Megami Tensei franchise. The game was released in April 2017. The game takes place in a fictionalized city of Tokyo with a silent protagonist after their transfer to the fictional Shujin Academy. Here we will see Persona 5 Batting Center Tips.

To train proficiency, you can go to the batting center. It is located in the Yongen-Jaya and you can get different rewards based on how you play. A trophy named ‘The City’s Hard Hitter’ can be achieved through hitting a home run. This guide will show a few handy tips on batting in the game.

Here are a few Persona 5 Batting Center Tips in short.

  • Muscle ankle – Power +2
  • Vulnerable Tuski – HP50 up
  • Angry bandana – Upset attack power at furious ups
  • Mirror of heavenly punishment – Physical attacks 20 % Reflected
  • Rebounding balls – Recovers battle impossibility of one fellow with HP 50%
  • Cavalry avoiding heavenly lights – Blessing avoidance greatly increased

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How to operate?

Adjust the angle of the bat at the top and bottom of the left stick. Then, adjust the same based on the expected position of the ball displayed in your screen’s center. Push the circle button when the expected position overlaps the flying ball. Swing the bat. Timing is crucial here. Time it well and you will hit a homerun.

How to make home runs?

From the center of the ball, lower it by half. This makes it easier to jump to the home run height. Read the essence of batting book on sale in the bookstore in Shinjuku to get a third eye. That will make aiming easier.

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