Persona 5 Guide: How to Fix Japanese Voice Bug

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Persona 5 released in April 2017. Developed by Atlus for the PS3 and PS4, it is a role-playing video game. Persona 5 marks the sixth installment in the Persona series. It is set in a fictionalized city of Tokyo. The game shows revolves around the happenings post the transfer of the protagonist to the fictional Shujin Academy. This article will help you to fix Japanese voice bug in Persona 5.

There is an issue that prevents the DLC to work properly once downloaded and installed. This guide will show how to fix this issue.

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Persona 5 How to Fix Japanese Voice Bug

  • Turn on the Japanese voices in the Config menu.
  • Change the language of your save file.
    • To do this, select Load Game and while highlighting your save, press Triangle and it will change from ENG to JPN.
    • This allows the voices in the game to be in Japanese.

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