PewDiePie Made Hello Neighbor’s Horror Look Actually Unique

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The horror genre has been stagnant over the past few years, but fortunately indie games have picked up the torch that triple-A developers dropped by making their franchises focus on action. PewDiePie uploaded a video of one of these indie titles, Hello Neighbor, on his channel this Monday. The video titled “THIS WAS HONESTLY JUST DISAPPOINTING…” has the famous YouTuber playing the game and it actually looks fun.


Instead of turning to classic horror like monsters and zombies, the game has a simple premise: sneak into your neighbor’s house. PewDiePie might not have liked the game (or, actually, he might… you’ll have to watch his video), but the gameplay he showcases actually looks exciting. There might be some easy jump scares, but the art style is cool and the tension is just where it needs to be – nerve-wracking, but not terrifying, which is a nice twist.