Phantom Dust’s Re-release – It’s Not Cancelled

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Phantom Dust was originally announced back in E3 2014; after switch in developer studios from the original Darkside Games -which shut down- to now an undisclosed studio, the game has had  tough production cycle. Recently,  Phil Spencer shared this picture via twitter, he has also not yet confirmed whether or not the game is cancelled.

While most speculated this game had been cancelled, the recent tweet sharing this screenshot makes it certain that the game is still going strong and a release might finally happen, eventually. The game is supposed to come out -whenever it does- for the Xbox One and Windows 10 only.

You can also see the  FPS in the bottom right corner, hopefully the PC version is not locked at 30FPS. While there is no specific release date for the possibly upcoming Microsoft title Phantom Dust, we can assume the game may come out in early 2018 or late 2017.