Would Nintendo Switch Make Sense for Pokemon Games?

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Even though Nintendo won’t cease production of the 3DS once the Nintendo Switch comes out, the company’s next-generation system poses an interesting question – since the system can be fully used as a handheld, could it be the first time Game Freak’s mainline Pokemon games release on a Nintendo home console?

Junichi Masuda, Pokemon Sun and Moon producer and currently a member of the board of directors at Game Freak, spoke on this matter. He said the company is “always thinking about what systems make the most sense for its games”, which are mostly Pokemon. He also said Game Freak is thinking about what comes after Sun and Moon, which releases this month, but they have nothing to announce.

Nintendo Switch
On the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon could look amazing and remain portable

It does make sense to consider a Nintendo Switch release for the next Pokemon title. They’ve always come out on handhelds in the past because the portable nature is key to the Pokemon experience. Now, that experience can finally be achieved with a home console. On top of that, X and Y and now Sun and Moon took the franchise to full 3D after a long history with sprites. The problem now, is that the 3D models look very rudimentary because of the 3DS’ limited hardware. The Switch would solve that problem as well.