Pokemon GO Guide: How to Evolve Pokemon

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Pokemon GO is gaining much popularity. Initially Pokemon GO is all about finding and catching new Pokemons. But once you catch them, you may want them to Evolve and Power Up. Evolving and Powering Up your Pokemon will make it more powerful by raising its CP. This guides helps you know how to evolve Pokemon easily. So go ahead and find out the technique to evolve the ones you caught.

How to Evolve Pokemon

Evolving a Pokemon requires Candies and Stardust. The amount of candy required however depends on the type of Pokemon. Candies are more useful to Power Up until the Pokemon is maxed out. Once a Pokemon evolves, its CP and HP increases significantly. A Pokemon with high CP and HP means more chances of winning battles. So here’s how you can Evolve a Pokemon.

  1. Touch the Main Menu from the Map View
  2. Touch Pokemon
  3. Select your desired Pokemon to evolve (from the list)
  4. On the Pokemon’s summary screen, touch the Evolve Button

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