Pokemon GO Guide: How to Find Eggs and Hatch Them

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Pokemon GO presents you with various kinds of Eggs that can be hatched into different types of Pokemon. Once you are done with creating your Avatar, you can start exploring the world and capture any Pokemons you find. This guide helps you find Eggs and hatch them into Pokemons.

Pokemon GO Guide: How to Find Eggs and Hatch Them

How to Find Eggs

There are two ways in which you can capture a Pokemon. Either you can find Pokemons and fling PokeBalls at them and wait. There’s another way you can get new Pokemons. There are Eggs that are available at the PokeStops. You can start by finding PokeStops represented by blue squares using the GPS. Once you reach a PokeStop, the blue box on the top of the blue square will open. Then you can buy Eggs in return of PokeCoins.

How to Hatch the Eggs

One you obtain the Eggs, it’s time to hatch them but it can’t be done it right away. Each Egg specifies a certain distance you need to walk to hatch it. Greater the distance, rarer is the Pokemon. You need to keep the Pokemon GO app while walking the distance for it to track your movement. When you cover the desired distance, you can hatch the Egg using the Incubator provided at the beginning of the game.

  1. Select Main Menu from the Map View
  2. Choose Pokemon and then select the ‘Eggs'(from the top of the screen)
  3. Select one of your Eggs
  4. Touch Start Incubation
  5. Select an incubator to use for the selected Egg
  6. Walk to hatch the Egg

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