Pokemon GO Guide: How to Get Poke Ball and Capture a Pokemon

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Pokemon is an augmented-reality game available for iOS and Android platforms. The game is developed by US based developer Niantic and published by The Pokemon Company. It allows players to capture, battle, train, and trade virtual Pokemon who appear throughout the real world.

Pokemon GO started rolling out on iOS and Android devices this month and is currently available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand and coming soon to other regions too. This guide serves as a beginner’s tutorial and helps you get started with the game. Read on to know how to get Poke Ball and use them to capture your first Pokemon.

Pokemon GO – How to Get Poke Ball

The game provides you with a variety of items from the start or unlock them later. You begin your journey as Pokemon Trainer and start exploring the world. While exploring the world, the player can visit a number of PokeStops where one can buy various items. The game provides you with 50 Poke Balls to get you started. But most of them may go in vain if one doesn’t know the right method to toss them and catch a Pokemon.

If you are low on Pokeballs, there’s always an option to buy some from the Store with real cash (Yeah, Pokemon GO has in-game purchases and we hate it too!). You can also wait till you level up and get rewarded with some Poke Balls. The Poke Balls are available in batches at the PokeStops in exchange with PokeCoins. So better watch out for the Blue Symbol on the Map.

Pokemon GO – How to Capture a Pokemon

Pokemon GO gives you the choice to play as a male or female character. Okay once you finish creating your Avatar and choosing a name for him/her, you can start by catching your first Pokemon. As you can see, the app lets you play using your camera or the basic mode. The app notifies users as soon as a Pokemon is detected nearby. In my case, I spotted a Charmander and a Bulbasaur.

So to catch them, follow the steps below:

  1. Toss a Pokeball from your Item Bag or Use Items like Razz Berries to lure them
  2. You can try using the Pokeball like Ultra Ball, Great Ball or Master Ball for Higher Level Pokemons
  3. There will be circle called Target Cell on the Pokemon which helps you in capturing it. The size of Target Cell describes the difficulty level to capture a certain Pokemon.
    • Green Circle – Best
    • Yellow Circle – Dicy
    • Orange Circle – Tough
    • Red Circle – Hard
  1. The circle gets smaller with time so you may wait until it becomes the smallest before tossing a Pokeball.

If you are having difficulties, you can try Incubators and Pokemon Eggs. You need to place the Pokemon Egg in the Incubator until it hatches. The player can find more Incubators later in the game. That’s all you need to know about how to get Poke Ball and capture Pokemon. You can find the complete Pokemon GO Wiki Guide here.