Pokemon GO Guide: How to Get Potions

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Potions are an important part of Pokemon GO’s gameplay. During battles you Pokemon may get hurt and even get fainted. When a Pokemon faints, all its HP reduces to 0. But there’s a way you can get it back. What you need to restore the HP are Potions.

How to Get Potions

Potions can be bought in exchange with PokeCoins at the nearby PokeStops. PokeStops are the Blue markers on the Map View. When around one, touch it.

You are presented with 3 different kinds of Potion that restore a certain amount of HP each. These can be later used to Heal the Pokemons during Battles.

  • Potion – Restores HP by 20 points
  • Super Potion – Restores HP by 50 points
  • Hyper Potion – Restores HP by 200 Points

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