Pokemon GO Plus Didn’t Seem to Help the Game’s Popularity

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It’s no news at this point that Pokemon GO saw a massive decrease in popularity after its first month in the market, losing over 10 million players and not being the focal point of interest of every gaming-related conversation. Developer Niantic tried to breed new life into the game with the huge Buddy system update as well as the Pokemon GO Plus accessory, but the device has not been as widely spread as Niantic hoped.

The main reason for this is Pokemon GO Plus is more of a convenience device more than an actual upgrade to the gameplay. Its biggest pros are saving (a lot of) battery on your phone and catching Pokemon quickly. Niantic will have to add something more drastic to the game to reignite people’s interest. The CEO of The Pokemon Company teased a possible multiplayer battle mode for Pokemon GO earlier this week, so that could help once it becomes a reality. The biggest sure-fire hit, though, would be adding the second generation of Pokemon. 151 new creatures to catch will make plenty of gamers come back to Pokemon GO.