Pokemon GO Servers Down, Hackers Planning “Something Bigger”

Pokemon GO Servers Down, Hackers Planning "Something Bigger"

Pokemon GO suffered massive outages throughout Saturday, July 16, being offline for many hours. Taking a game of this scope offline for all users is no small feat, and the hackers responsible have been revealed to be PoodleCorp, the same group that has been hacking a lot of popular YouTubers lately.

Pokemon GO’s official statement on Twitter is pretty standard: “We have been working to fix the #PokemonGO Server Issues. Thank you for your patience.” However, XO, one of the main members of PoodleCorp, also took to Twitter to say that this was just a “small test” and that they’ll do something on a “larger scale” soon. If taking the game offline for several hours was a small test, we’re left wondering what awaits us.