Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How to Get Fossil Pokemon

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How to Get Fossil Pokemon

Game Freak’s Pokemon Sun And Moon features a young Pokemon trainer in the Alola region (based on Hawai). He aims to become the League champion, catch all Pokemon and thwart the nefarious plans of the evil Team Skull in the game. The role-playing video games released for Nintendo 3DS in November 2016.

This game offers two types of fossils namely the Skull and the Cover Fossil and you only get to pick one for free. This Fossil Pokemon guide will show how to get these fossils and revive pokemon from it.

How to Get Fossil Pokemon

You need to go to KoniKoni City.

Enter the Stone Shop. The old man there gives you the option of two fossils. You can get one for free but if you want the other one as well, you need to pay a lot of money for it.

Then, go to Route 8 and reach the Pokemon Center.

Then, go right and into the forest. Keep going until you come face to face with a guy who can revive a Pokemon from the fossil.

The Skull fossil gets you Cranidos and the Cover fossil gets you Tirtouga.

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