Practice Tests: Best Way to Cap Off Your Six Sigma Certification ExamPrep

Practice Tests: Best Way to Cap Off Your Six Sigma Certification ExamPrep

Why don’t you think of building your project management career, for instance, with a Six Sigma certification? If you’re wondering what this badge is all about, continue reading and you’ll learn the importance of this validation document known globally. More than that, this article will give you some tips and tricks in obtaining your Six Sigma credential.

So, without further ado, let’s take you to the ins and outs of this renowned set of methods used by many organizations to enhance own productivity.

Internationally-Recognized Set of Processes and Strategies

Well, Six Sigma is not just any other series of tools and techniques used by companies and even by government bodies. This is a kind of approach that improves business processes for their continuous success, following a methodology that includes identification and eliminating errors as well as minimization of variability. 

Because of its efficient and effective means of reducing costs and adding profits, Six Sigma has been utilized as the standard in the field of project management. For that reason, there are several Six Sigma dumps certifications offered in the market.

A Glimpse of Best Six Sigma Certification Bodies

With its impact on big companies and small enterprises, many third-party organizations have created their own versions of Six Sigma certifications. Unfortunately, not all have been widely acknowledged. To give you an overview of the top-rated certification providers of Six Sigma badges, here they are – Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC), International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IAASC), and Lean Six Sigma Institute (LSSI). All three organizations have their own Six Sigma certification programs, which often include Lean Six Sigma, too.


IASSC has two sets of credentials – Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. If you’re indeterminate of the difference between the two, don’t worry, there aren’t many variances between these two certification categories. The main thing that sets them apart is that Lean Six Sigma incorporates the essential lean principles into the Six Sigma methodology. Nevertheless, both certification tracks come with four major credentials – White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt (standard and advanced), and Black Belt. When choosing the most suitable certification for you, just take into account that their Six Sigma credentials are applicable to everyone. Lean Six Sigma certifications, on the other hand, are highly recommended for individuals in the public or armed force sector.


Also part of the leading Six Sigma certification bodies is no other than IAASC. This independent party also focuses on Lean Six Sigma credentials that range from Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt to Green Belt, and Black Belt. Yellow Belt is considered as a basic skills’ validation while Green Belt represents a more advanced qualifying badge. Both these certifications are normally in a part-time role. On the contrary, there’s the Black Belt, which is the expert-level full-time position.


LSSI has always been one of the foremost Six Sigma organizations for professional managers. This company serves many countries worldwide through its extensive Lean Six Sigma certification programs. Whether you are a student, a manager, or an educator, there’s something waiting for you! Choose from their comprehensive Lean Six Sigma certification track that differs depending on a candidate’s level of experience. They have Lean Six Sigma White Belt (for everyone), Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (for key employees), Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (for key employees), Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (for leaders), and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (for subject matter experts).

IASSC Green Belt Certification Exam

Eager to try on your luck and get to know more about, take, the Green Belt qualifying test, be advised that it is a 100-tasks and 3 hours-exam where you can’t look in any source of information. Sometimes the exam may involve complementary 10 non-graded issues to be solved. The exam is essentially based on the Green Belt Body of Knowledge and so, includes around 20 true/false multiple-choice items from each of its’ sections.

Optimal Ways to Effectively Earn Your Six Sigma Credential

When preparing for a desired Six Sigma certification, you need thus to follow a strategic timeline that will feature all the official exam objectives. Most of the above-mentioned organizations provide their own prep materials, including self-paced and instructor-led courses, complemented by practice tests.

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Amazing Perks When You Get Certified

Companies would definitely give priority to candidates with Six Sigma certification because they know these individuals are equipped with quality management skills so much needed in business. Consequently, they’d give impressive benefits to Six Sigma certification holders including easier job hunting, higher compensations, increased possibility of promotion, and the list continues to grow.

Above all these professional benefits, you will also be transformed into a fully-equipped project manager who can expertly manage and improve enterprise solutions. Without a doubt, having excellent Six Sigma certification would create a great impact on the career.

Bottom Line

Hence, don’t hesitate and get your project management skills validated with a Six Sigma certification assisted by practice tests. This is indeed one of the best ways to build your knowledge, expand proficiency, and boost own confidence! 

With all the great certification providers like Council for Six Sigma Certification, IAASC, and Lean Six Sigma Institute to choose from, act now and earn your credentials the soonest possible time!