Preparation Strategy for Passing Microsoft MCSA 70-412 Exam

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The Microsoft 70-412 exam is the advanced enterprise-level step for the Microsoft IT certificates: MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) or MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert). It is the third test of the MCSA exam series and the most sophisticated assessment that measures the services that provide advanced functionality to the high-profile organizations. This certification exam validates the enterprise-level skills and knowledge to manage the advanced Windows Server 2012 services.

MCSA is a prestigious credential, although gaining it is not an easy task, as it requires three exams to get it. Indeed, the 70-412 test requires real skills and strong foundations of both previous courses to install and administer advanced configuring tasks of Window Server 2012 Services. This exam focuses the professional’s command on the advanced configuration of services, such asDNS, IPAM, DHCP, Active Directory Services, ADCS, ADFS, and ADRMS.

Guideline to accomplish the MCSA certification

The Microsoft 70-412 certification exam is a high-quality test to scrutinize enterprise-side configuring of advancedWindows Server 2012 services. To pass the exam, you need to be an expert in configuration and implementation of Windows Server 2012 Services with rationale hands-on practice. If you are an expertin Windows Server 2012 Environment and eager to have the MCSA certification, then go through the following guidelines to accomplish it.

  • Try to find the necessary information on the exam schedule, its content and prerequisites.
  • Analyze the list of required expertise to choose the preparation technique that will let you master the certification exam. You canget additional knowledge from the study books and online resources, as well as instructor-led trainings, lectures, demos for your preparation to be effective.
  • After selecting the study method, prepare yourself in a consistent and strategic manner to follow up your study schedule using all the essential tools.
  • Plan the exam date within your timeframe at your convenience using the official Microsoft website.
  • You can also take an online practice test before the real exam to check your competencelevel.
  • Don’t worry about the result, prepare yourself to succeed in the test with the help of confidence, academic study, and practical experience.

Top resources to prepare for the Microsoft 70-412 certification exam

The 70-412:Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services testsis the final and chief exam for the MCSA certification. It tests your practical knowledge of configuring dynamic access control, installation of advanced file services, planning of disaster recovery with backup configuration. It is essential to have high-quality resources for commanding these topics, such as books, online resources, instructor-led lectures, practice exams, demos, and labs with active online community worldwide.In this article, we have gathered the leading resources that will give you full insight of configuring advanced Windows Server 2012 services to pass the certification assessment.Microsoft Virtual Academy is one of the most significant resourcesthat has all the latest and relevant guidance on core Microsoft technologies.

Training courses for the Microsoft 70-412 certification exam

Online training courses are currently the fastest and easiest way to prepare for and pass various professional certifications. There are numerous online resources to offer you comprehensive instructor-led training courses to pass the exam. The most trustworthy and extensively used training courses are included here:

  • Course 20412D: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Certification – Exam 70-412
  • Prepare for the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 Certification (70-410, 70-411, and 70-412)
  • Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services (MCSA 70-412) Certification Training
  • MCSA: Windows Server 2012 R2 9 Day Training

Books for the exam preparation

Books are an integral part of the exam preparation process, andyou should have a few for comprehensive learning of all three MCSA certification tests. Beneath we listed a number of reliable books that will be an invaluable study tool for you:

  • MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 Complete Study Guide: Exams 70-410, 70-411, 70-412

William Panek authored the ample and authentic book, which covers all the domains of the exams to master MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2. It contains all the preparation material, including practical exercises, exam questions, real-world scenarios, demos with the fundamental content relevant to the certification exam.

  • MCSA Guide to Configuring Advanced Microsoft Windows Server 2012/R2 Services, Exam 70-412

If you are interested only in having hands-on configuring practice of advanced Microsoft Windows Server 2012, then this book is for you. It encompassed engaging lesson content with practice exercises to aid you in configuring advance services and features while preparing for the certification exam.

  • Exam Ref 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 R2 Services

It is a fundamental and up-to-date official book by Microsoft for the IT professionals to advance their skills in managing and configuring the advanced services of Windows Server 2012. It is a credible learning source to practice your skills for the success in the Microsoft 70-412 exam.

  • Training Guide: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 R2 Services

It is an updated training guidebook to maximize your skills for passing the Microsoft certification exam. The main purpose of this book remains the same – to prepare you for handling configuration of advancedWindow Server 2012 services.

Useful websites for the Microsoft 70-412 certification exam

We have mentioned above all the authentic and official books and websites for the online training courses. Here are the websites that will be helpful for practicing genuine certification exam questions and other relevant topics.

  • 70-412 configuring advanced Windows Server 2012 services Microsoft official practice test

You can practice the exam environment before the actual exam with the Microsoft official practice test. It is a fantastic source to review your preparedness for the 70-412 exam but it is quite expensive. Its another advantage is that you get detailed answers with explanations in addition to evaluation of your knowledge.

  • Microsoft 70-412 configuring advanced Windows Server 2012 R2 services exam

On this site you can get free access to hundreds of question and answers for the It needs sign-up to access the free unlimited and updated practice testscreated by the industry professionals. Also, you can buy the premium access for the exam materials. is another good website for instructor-led training and practicing the exams. You can practice the updated exam free of charge, with various original questions and can even buy the premium bundle to have unlimited access to the materials.


No doubt, practice is the crucial part to successfully complete any test.Microsoft 70-412 is a tough exam, though scheduled study habit with right study tools and determination will enable you to pass it at your first attempt!