Prey Guide: Beginners Tips; Things You Should Know

Prey Beginners Tips

Arkane Studios’ Prey is a first person action adventure game. Prey is developed for platforms: PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It released in May 2017. The player has to survive, fight, and get out of the space station Talos 1. You can also explore the space station as it an open world. But before you start, you may like to know some Prey beginners tips; things you should know about the game.

This guide will help you understand the elements of the game and some handy tips.

Prey Beginners Tips and Things You Should Know About the Game

  1. Gather as many items as you can and always look to increase the slots in your inventory.
  2. Keep looking for fabricators and plans to craft new things.
  3. Keep checking terminals for maps.
  4. Look in the terminals or hear the audio recordings on the transcribe to know about the various rooms in the space station.
  5. Have a good stamina stat. This will help you against bosses a lot.
  6. Repair your suite quickly by finding an Engineering Reporter.
  7. Carry Med Kits to replenish your health.
  8. Save your game just before a big enemy fight like Nightmare or Phantom.
  9. Get Repair Skills which will help you repair broken turrets which can defend you.