Prey Guide: Email Locations

Email Locations

Prey, an action-adventure game, can be played a first-person perspective. You take up the role of Morgan Yu. Morgan is in the space station Talos 1. The space station has many hostile aliens known collectively as the Typhon. You have to fight, explore and get your way out of Talos 1. In this guide we will find out Prey email locations.

Developed by Arkane Studios, the game released in May this year. Prey can be played on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There are a lot of emails in the game and are found on different workstations on Talos 1. They help to unlock sales and find collectibles. This guide will list out the locations of these emails in the game.

Prey Email Locations

Morgan’s Flat

There are 3 emails in the computer here.

Morgan’s Flat (2nd Visit)

6 emails when morgan reappears.

  • Before leaving the apartment, take a look at the PC for 2 emails.
  • Once you enter the simulation, a computer with a password and a note has 3 emails.

Neuromod Lab

  • One PC is in the testing center in a cubicle with 2 emails.
  • Go to Research And Design sector on 2nd floor of Talos 1 and there is a PC on the left side of the office chamber with 3 emails and some more PCs.
  • Hack the PC in Research And Design sector. There are 2 emails and Bolster fabrication plan.

Fabrication Area

There is a PC in Halden’s office with 2 emails.