Prey Guide: Neuromod Human Abilities And Skills List

Neuromod Human Abilities And Skills

This Prey guide lists out Neuromod human abilities and skills. The game is developed by Arkane Studios and you can play it on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

Neuromod abilities can be upgraded through the Transcribe device after getting the Neuromod device. This guide will list out all the human abilities and skills and what benefits you get out of them.

Prey Guide: Neuromod Human Abilities And Skills List


Knowledge of Science, Medicine and Specialized Lab Equipments.

Security Bypass For Computers And Robotic Systems: There are 4 hacking levels in this with a different Neuromod requirement for each.
Level 1 – Requires 1 Neuromod
Level 2 – Requires 4 Neuromod
Level 3 – Requires 6 Neuromod
Level 4 – Requires 8 Neuromod

Metabolic Boost: Double Well Fed Bonus and Health gained by eating food.
Requires 1 Neuromod Required

Physician Level 1: Amplifies Medikits
150% – Requires 1 Neuromod for Level 1
300% – Requires 1 Neuromod for Level 2

Necropsy: Get high-value organ from Typhon corpse. Then the organ can be used to get exotic items in exchange.
Requires 2 Neuromod


Ability to improve gears, repairing and crushing problems with Wrench.

Leverage Level 1 – Pick heavy objects to throw on enemies.
Requires 1 Neuromod

Leverage Level 2: You can pick even heavier objects and throw them on enemies
Requires 4 Neuromod

Leverage Level 3: Except for things fixed to the floor, you can lift others and even open unpowered door.
Requires 6 Neuromod

Repair Level 1: Using spare parts, you can fix broken Grav Shafts, Fabricators and Recyclers.
Requires 1 Neuromod

Below this level, Gunsmith can be unlocked up to Level 2 that requires 2 Neuromods. The ability allows you to modify and upgrade security weapons with weapon upgrade kit.

Repair Level 2: Gives you the ability to repair Turrets, Operators and Electrical junctions.
Repair Level 3: Enhance Spare Parts Efficiency.

Suit Modification: There are three levels. With each level you get more inventory space, plus installation of two additional chipsets.
Level 1 – Requires 2 Neuromod
Level 2 – Requires 4 Neuromod
Level 3 – Requires 6 Neuromod

Dismantle: This gives you the ability to recover spare parts from destroyed operators and turrets by breaking them.

  • 150 Health and 25 Years Natural Life Span
    Requires 2 Neuromod for Toughness Level 1
  • 200 Health and 50 Years Natural Life Span
    Requires 4 Neuromod for Toughness Level 2
  • 300 Health and 75 Years Natural Life Span
    Requires 8 Neuromod for Toughness Level 3
  • 125 Stamina – Requires 2 Neuromod
  • 150 Stamina – Requires 5 Neuromod

Neuromod Required – 2

Material Expert: Recycling yield is increased by 20%. Under this, you get Lab Tech ability with Two Level unlocks. In the first, you will unlock non-standard technical weapons outside the scope of modification and under the second, you can fully  upgrade the above weapons using weapon upgrade kits.

Requires 2 Neuromod

Impact Calibration: There are two levels under this ability. The first level reduces stamina. It also cost for  an increased wrench attack by 25%. At Level 2 your wrench attack damage is boosted by 50%.

Level 1 – Requires 2 Neuromod
Level 2 – Requires 5 Neuromod

Further you can also unlock Pulverize ability which requires 4 Neuromods. This will add 25% higher chance of a boosted bonus damage wrench attack.

SECURITY: Increase your physical abilities and skills with firearms and security tactics.

Firearms: There are two levels under this and each one of them boosts the damage caused by security weapons along with a chance to get a critical hit.

120% Damage Increase + 6% Critical Hit Chance
Requires 2 Neuromod for Level 1

150% Damage Increase + 10% Critical Hit Chance
Requires 6 Neuromod for Level 2

Conditioning: Under this, Toughness levels can be increased for various activities. This will get you higher health when you reach it. Your Health will rise to 105 and stamina will be 105.5% faster on running, sneaking, climbing and sprinting.

Combat Focus: Capability to get into combat focus increases with time under different levels.

10 Second Combat Focus with 50% Stamina cost
Requires 1 Neuromod

15 Second Combat Focus with 25% Stamina cost + 120% Damage on attack
Requires 3 Neuromod

20 Second Combat Focus with 0 Stamina cost + 150% Damage on attack
Requires 6 Neuromod


Sneak or Crawl Behind Enemies
Requires 2 Neuromods

Run and Walk Silently
Requires 4 Neuromods

Sprint Silently
Requires 8 Neuromods

There are two levels for Sneak Attack, with each level you can do more damages without getting noticed.

200% Damage – Requires 2 Neuromods
250% Damage – Requires 4 Neuromods