New PS4 Horror Game Coming From Ex-BioShock Dev

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A new PS4 horror game, Perception, is coming soon. The developers from Irrational Games studio. The studio developed BioShock are developing the game. Perception is the result of a partnership between developer The Deep End and new studio Feardemic.

Here is a glimpse to the Perception storyline.

Main Character

You will play as Cassie Thornton, who is a blind woman. Cassie needs to make her way through a Massachusetts mansion. The obstacle is the supernatural force known as “the presence” present in the mansion.


Now you just get a walking stick, a smartphone and your hearing ability to use as weapons. When you tap the walking stick will make a sound and a visualization illuminating the surrounding area.


The games has different eras in different chapters. There eras will show the terrible happening of the past in the mansion. You will get back to the present time when the vision of the past dreadful happenings get over.

Although the release date for the horror game Perception is not revealed yet, we know that the game is being developed for PS4.