ReCore Guide: Robotic Companion Duncan

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This game was released on 13 Sep 2016 for Xbox One and PC. An action adventure shooter game, it features different robots with the protagonist being Joule along with her robotic companions who aid her in combat and puzzle solving. Recore also features upgrade tiers with attack and defense categories. The player must collect blueprints and materials to access and unlock these upgrades.

Robotic Companion Duncan

The main protagonist in the game is Joule who is a human. She has three robotic companions, Mack, Seth and Duncan, who assist in her quests and activities. This guide will talk about robotic companion Duncan in Recore.

Duncan lives in a Lost Crawler as he is an abandoned CoreBot. His former human partner had trained him to handle the Exclusion Zone. He lost to Viktor and the robot revolution though leaving him without a human partner until Joule comes into play. He is the third companion in the game and can assist Joule in combat. He can destroy rubber piles filled with green ooze, pulverize bent pillars into shape and can even knock down certain towers.

Listed below are Duncan’s frames/ lethal abilities.

  • K-9 Frame
  • SP-DR Frame
  • AP-3 Frame
  • FL-1R Frame
  • T8-NK Frame