ReCore Guide: How to Use The Extractor

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This game was released as recently as yesterday that is on 13 Sep 2016 for Xbox One and PC. An action adventure shooter game, this game features different robots with the protagonist being Joule along with her robotic companions who aid her in combat and puzzle solving. The game also features upgrade tiers with attack and defense categories. The player must collect blueprints and materials to access and unlock these upgrades. Let’s find out how to use the extractor.

ReCore Guide: How to Use The Extractor

ReCore Guide: Using The Extractor


The game offers two ways to dispose off enemy robots in the game.

The first one is the obvious one which is to attack the enemy head on and drain his health completely. Then, collect the scattered body parts which can be later used to craft parts in Joule’s Workbench.

The second one is to extract the core from the enemy and use it to power up your own corebot. The second method is a bit tricky. The player should make sure to damage the enemy’s health bar a little. An ‘extract’ notification will appear on the enemy once the player has depleted about a quarter of its health. Hit the corresponding button to throw out Joule’s Grapple. Hit the corresponding keys now to get the enemy’s core.

The important thing here is the color of the grapple. A white color means the grapple line is going to snap soon and a red one means the line is very tight. If the color is the unfavorable one, release the button and repeat the process as that color has more chances of damaging the player than extracting the core.

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