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Reddit user Naerlyn answered that question for the Iron Revenant, he made a  monstrous list of over 150 unique Mordekaiser bugs. League of Legends player is aware of the number of Mordekaiser bugs are alive but to be honest me myself as LOL player never expected it to be over 150+

Here are a few of them.

“Gotta catch ’em all”, I told myself two months ago as I published my previous bug list. But I apparently even caught 14 bugs in the second generation (and even more so, as that generation only has 10 bug-types), because Mordekaiser has 168 bugs just for himself.

You might have already heard my name because of similar topics. I am Nightwind42 on EUW, or Naerlyn here, and I started playing Mordekaiser in March, after reading the guide written by /u/Tastypotatox. This champion turned out to be really funny to play (you should try him out to!), and he quickly became one of my mains. But after a dozen games, I thought that something was wrong. Sometimes an ability wouldn’t do damage. Sometimes a slow wouldn’t work. Sometimes a ghost wouldn’t do something right. This quickly lead me to make a first list of about 30 bugs while procrastinating for my finals. And then I found more. Posted another link, and other bug report threads – and I decided to try and find every single bug on him. Which I think I just did. Some of these bugs are minor, or even irrelevant (unless there are some people here rushing Essence Reaver on Mordekaiser, in which case the issue might come from the person and not from the bugs), but some others are really impactful if not game-changing.

Warning! This is going to be a very long post. By very long, I mean that it reaches the size limit that Reddit allows. But I tried to make the read at least a little entertaining to make up for it, so you might want to keep going even without being interested in the Numero Uno at all! Some bugs are quite funny too, and I tagged them as such.

Now… Longer than the last buglist… Longer than the first generation of Pokémon… Longer than the description of Mordekaiser’s W… Longer than a CLG.EU vs Moscow 5 Bo5… Here’s the list!

  • Q – Mace of Spades

1) A Q-enhanced auto-attack used right after the second cast of W can do the damage of a standard basic attack (but will still consume the buff of the Mace of Spades). Video

2) The first Q-enhanced auto-attack used right after the second cast of W can be a bit too slow to come.

3) When a minion has less current health than the magic damage dealt by this ability, the physical damage won’t be applied. This also means no life steal, no on-hit effects, no Titanic Hydra,

4) Liqu… I mean, if you activate the Titanic Hydra active while your Mace of Spades is enabled, it won’t reset your auto-attack timer.

5) If Mordekaiser uses his Q while he has a Statikk Shiv charged, the Shiv’s damage will be dealt before the damage of the attack. This doesn’t apply when the attack with Q is the one that brings the Shiv to 100 stacks. Video proof (It also happens with some other champions having a modified auto-attack, like Garen or Ekko, so there is some (demacian) justice after all, but not to all of them. For example, Illaoi doesn’t have that on her Harsh Lesson). It also applies to Rapidfire Cannon and to Kircheis Shard.

You can see all the bugs here