Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Guide: Antique Coin Locations

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Guide: Antique Coin Locations

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard released on 24 Jan, 2017. A survival horror game developed by Capcom. There are 18 antique coins made of bronze in the game. When you collect all of them, you will unlock the Pelicans in Your Pocket achievement. Collecting the antique coins while on the hardest difficulty setting, will win you the Mad Pelicans trophy. This guide is provide all antique coin locations.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Antique Coin Locations

Antique Coin Location 1

Located in the the Guest House. At the beginning of the Derelict House Footage, look out for a Lockpick at the beginning on the footage, while controlling Clancy. It will be found behind you, on the floor.

Now you have to use it to open the kitchen. Then go into the kitchen with ghost hunters. Once inside, with the help of the lockpick, you have to open the drawer. Inside the drawer, you will find a picture in the drawer. Now here you will get the coin when you come back here after the footage.

Antique Coin Location 2

When you get the hatch key in the main house, unlock the hatch behind the kitchen. Then you have to crawl in. Then search for a red lawnmower. The coin will be lying to the ground near it.

Antique Coin Location 3

In the main house, get to the phone and look in the drawer to the left. There you will find a coin.

Antique Coin Location 4

Get to the second floor of the main house. Go to the Rec Room and look for the door the leads to Grandma’s room.  Inside that room, you will see a bronze statue. The coin will be next to it.

Antique Coin Location 5

On main house’s second floor, get to the bathroom. The coin can be found next to the toilet.

Antique Coin Location 6

Go past the shadow puzzle of the main house, and get to the drawing room. In the next room, there be a whiteboard and a table with the coin on top of it.

Antique Coin Location 7

In the basement, in the Processing Area, get to the large open room that has a lot of cages and a locked door.  There will be a map of the Processing Area to the left. There will be a small brown hole next to a pallet. You have to crouch to get the coin.

Antique Coin Location 8

Outside the main house, get to the yard and you will find a coin in a pot near the front steps of the house around the bushes.

Antique Coin Location 9

Located inside the Trailer in the Yard of the Baker Estate.

Antique Coin Location 10

After you gain access to the burner, use it to the clear the nest above the fireplace. Then you will find the path to the Cellar. The Cellar will have a desk to the left. The coin will be on top of the desk.

Antique Coin Location 11

You have to raise a new bridge over the Outhouse. For this you need to use the Crank (when you manage to find one). Then look for the toilet. The coin will be on top of it.

Antique Coin Location 12


Use crow key to get to the second floor of the old house. Then go towards right from the altar to reach a lantern-locked door. You will find a drawer on the right side of the locked door, with the coin in it.

Antique Coin Location 13

Go down the hall to the barn inside the Testing Area. Enter the small storage room but beware of tripwires, shoot the one near the door of the storage room. Crawl along the side of the room to reach the green desk with the coin on top.

Antique Coin Location 14

Once you have cleared the Barn and have the passcode for the Party Room, enter the small room and use the small button to lower the staircase in the Party room. Next to the button there is a raised shelf with the coin.

Antique Coin Location 15

The coin is inside the Wrecked Ship where you get the flashback of two people telling you to crawl through a duct. Reach the point where the patch split into two, go righ to the dead end to find a coin.

Antique Coin Location 16

In the same wrecked ship there is a point when you need to climb past a dead body to reach a flooded room. There is a ladder and stairs leading to 1F, don’t use the ladder just yet and look to the left side of the room to find the coin in a muck.

Antique Coin Location 17

Get to the control room. There is a lockpick inside the wrecked ship. It will unlock the orange box which has the coin.

Antique Coin Location 18

Get to the hall past Engine Room 1 to find the final coin. Use a Corrosive to open the cabinet. The coin is inside the cabinet.

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