Sea of Thieves Takes you to the Sea with Ship Battles, Skeletons and Pirates – Latest Gameplay Shows Promise

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is Microsoft’s latest upcoming open-world game developed by Rare. This game provides the perfect opportunity to sail around a vast ocean looking for loot, killing skeletons and enemies with swords and muskets and taking over enemy ships, discovering new islands and much more.

A series of developer gameplay videos are available for the game in which there is several minutes of footage showing off the various aspects of this open-world RPG.

While the game isn’t out yet, we’re extremely excited for the launch which is possibly be sometime this year. The game will also be a Play Anywhere title meaning if you buy it for either the PC or Xbox, you can play it on either or both of the platforms.

For more updates regarding Sea of Thieves, stay tuned.