The Second Rocket League Championship Prize is Huge

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There’s a lot of Rocket League players, and the best of them can now sign up for the second Rocket League Championship Series event. The first championship offered a $75,000 reward, and the second Season cash prize more than triples it at $250,000. That’s a lot!

Teams of three can sign up at the official Rocket League website. Just like last time, developer Psyonix teamed up with stream service Twitch for the event. The first competition had over 20,000 people competing across 6,100 teams, and 2.3 million people watched on Twitch.

Psyonix Vice President Jeremy Dunham is excited about this Rocket League Championship:

“We learned a lot from Season 1 and so did our players, and we can’t wait to apply that knowledge to the next competition. Our newer, more simplified format and bigger prize pools are a reflection of what our viewers, pros, and community have been asking for, and we’re incredibly proud to give it to them.”