Seems Like The Last Guardian Has Framerate Issues


The Last Guardian, one of the most awaited and anticipated game of all time seem to be having framerate issues which kinda plagued PlayStation 4 release. Apparently, there has been confirmed reports that the game is having a lot of framerate issues, making the game to go down up to ten frames per second.

The Last Guardian is developed by TEAM ICO, who also developed the all-time favorite PlayStation classics and the great Shadow of Colossus. The Last Guardian development started soon after the release of PlayStation 3 and has been in development since then. It gained a huge fanbase over the years and then releasing after such a long time it should have been greatly optimized and not full or bugs. Though I haven’t played the game so don’t know much about the game story and gameplay but such performance issue will greatly affect the reviews of the game unless Team ICO finds a way to fix it.