Selling Your Shoot ‘Em Up: 5 Key Tips for Video Game Marketing

Selling Your Shoot 'Em Up: 5 Key Tips for Video Game Marketing

Developing a video game is only the start. You then have to get it to sell. Read on to learn some key tips on video game marketing.

Gaming is a competitive enterprise. Gaming marketing even more so. 

It takes ingenuity and a solid hok to create a new game in the crowded market. The same kind of thinking applies to video game marketing. A solid hook and a loop that keeps people engaged is key. 

With so many games turning from one-offs to games-as-service models, you aren’t just competing for dollars, but hours of attention. 

Read on to learn more about how to take precise aim with your marketing budget. 

Video Game Marketing

When it comes to how to market a video game, you need to look at three targets. 

The first is the pre-launch hype. This is managed through intrigue and careful reveals.

Second, you need to capitalize on early sales to promote the player base.

Finally, your game marketing needs to court casual browsers and late-adopters. 

1. Build Hype

This is best rooted in your games stand-out feature. 

Announce what makes your game different from any other shooter in the field. Build on that promise with Q&As and demonstrations. Keep your best feature at the center of attention and it will draw in new eyes. 

2. Logo Leg Work

Create a memorable logo. Something that is instantly identifiable with your product. 

Check out an online game logo maker for ideas. The logo makes it easy to establish your game in players’ minds at events and with cross-promotional merchandise.

A solid logo makes finding your game in a sea of store thumbnails much easier.

3. Leverage Research

One of the more interesting pieces of research to come out of the ‘games are a problem’ ethos of the late 90s and 20-oughts showed that community was the biggest strength of shooters

People push each other to succeed and also help them when they fall short. Creating a strong community and offering early ways for clans and teams to form gives your game an edge in playerbase.

Utilize the most popular tools for corresponding with teams and offer freebies and incentives to build and participate in them.

4. Offer a Demo

Playing is believing. Don’t just put out a shiny trailer laden with interesting visuals and promise. 

Shooters have a visceral connection or ‘feel’ that drives gameplay and therefore sales. Give players a sample level to test the mechanics and see what you offer.

This also gives players a chance to meet and reinforces your early community-building efforts. 

5. Get Seen

The Let’s Play influencer market is huge right now. If you want your game to succeed, you want it played online and in front of an audience.

Don’t court the market like you’re selling to it. It may be tempting to offer paid promotions and Youtube star likeness or tie-ins, but gamers hate being sold to. 

You want to get your game into a play rotation organically by lifting restrictions. Make it easy to show and don’t threaten copyright strikes on music, voices, or art. Be open to having your game played and it will drive sales. 

Make Your Mark

Sadly, making a great game only gets you half the way to sales. Your video game marketing needs to be as innovative and approachable as your game.

Leverage the technology and your community for the best benefits of both. As always, stay up to date on all things tech by coming back here for more.