Should I Pay for Antivirus Software or is Free Antivirus Good Enough?

Should I Pay for Antivirus Software or is Free Antivirus Good Enough?

For anyone who is not looking to invest too much on computer protection, a free version antivirus program is always an attractive option. With advancements in computer protection technology, most antivirus programs offer free versions that are upgradeable.

There are numerous antivirus options in the market today, and most of them are available in paid and free versions. Norton antivirus is a common option. Reading the review of Norton antivirus helps you to learn how it can protect you under the free or paid version.

Do you actually enjoy better protection with a paid antivirus? This is a common question amongst computer users. Here is everything you need to know about paid antivirus and free antivirus programs.

Do you really need to pay for antivirus?

When it comes to computer and cyber protection, there is no such thing as too much protection. Advancement in technology has improved computer protection protocols. It has also enabled hackers and scammers to create more threats that are serious. This means that they can sneak into your system bypassing all protections protocols if they are weak.

The results of a hack can be anything from having your finances wiped out through identity theft or compromising on important company data.

Free antivirus programs

Free antivirus programs can help to save a bit of cash in the process. This makes free versions an ideal protection choice for anyone on a budget. However, the free antivirus program comes with their measure of baggage, which pushes people to upgrade to paid versions.

Even though they come with good ratings and enough protections feature, free versions can be limited in terms of the level of protection they offer. Most of these programs only provide basic protection, making it impossible to enjoy comprehensive protection, which is common with paid versions.

Free antivirus programs are not always able to keep up with the latest security patches, and also come loaded with numerous advertisements and pop-ups, which affects the user experience and slow down your computer.

With some free versions, there is always the risk of having your computer hacked and your data compromised at the mercy or a free service. Most people store sensitive data and transactions in their computers, files and irreplaceable pictures that can be lost if a hacker bypasses the free versions security protocols.

Paid antivirus programs

Paid antivirus protection programs have a lot to offer compared to free versions. Most of these versions feature the latest protection from different cybersecurity threats. These include excellent customer support, protection against viruses, hackers, malware and spyware, and they work to safeguard your identity, online transactions and passwords.

When you subscribe to a paid version like Norton antivirus, you enjoy protection in up to five devices from one certificate. This means that you can use your subscriptions on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and PC. It also allows you to control and monitor the level of protection through the easy to use interface.

A common misconception is that paid antivirus protection is mostly ideal for people who use their devices for high end and complex tasks. However, cyber attackers are not only interested in crucial company data. They can hack into personal computers to steal your personal data if you do not have a reliable security program in place.   

An email address you no longer use or old photos may not seem important but can be with a lot in the hands of a cyber-criminal. There are new threats like malware, spyware, data breaches and ransomware advanced every day. Regardless of how tech-savvy you are, you need an extra layer of protection, which is offered by paid antivirus programs.

Free or paid – which is the best choice?

When it comes to cyber safety, investing in a paid antivirus program is always a small price to pay for the level of protection you enjoy. However, the right free antivirus program can also offer a reliable level of protection, depending on your needs.

If you do not store very crucial information in your pc, a free version from the best antivirus brands can be ideal if you are not looking to spend money on an upgrade.

Whether you choose a free or paid version, always ensure you invest in the best antivirus program. Ensure you only invest in a trusted brand to enjoy comprehensive protection and the best customer support. Having an antivirus program is the best choice compared to the amount of data you stand to lose and the financial implication for restoring lost data.