Stardew Valley Guide: Fast Modes of Travel Around The Town

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A reminiscent of the game Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley is a farm simulator. Players need to manage their farms and become a part of Pelican town by exploring the different areas. There are tons of stuff to do to get to the top of the mountain of all farmers in the game.

This Fast Modes of Travel Around The Town guide will show the fast modes of travel around the town.

Stardew Valley Guide: Fast Modes of Travel Around The Town


Being on horseback certainly adds an extra zip in the player’s speed. To get one, buy the stable from Robin. A horse comes along with it so it is definitely worth the hefty price. Don’t worry about leaving the horse anywhere as it can find its way back home easily.


There are certain weird statues around Pelican Town which are actually warp locations. The player can travel to any of these three statues using these warp locations.

These can be earned or crafted and each one has a different location to warp to.

  • Warp Totem: Beach – Requires Foraging Level 6. Costs Hardwood, Coral (2), and Fiber (10). Five of these totems can be obtained from completing the Ocean Fish Bundle in the Community Center.
  • Warp Totem: Mountains – Requires Foraging Level 7. Costs Hardwood, Iron Bar, and Stone (20)
  • Warp Totem: Farm – Requires Foraging Level 8. Costs Hardwood, Honey, and Fiber (20)

The totems are good for only one time use so keep crafting with the same recipe if you want more.


There are some abandoned carts in various locations namely the bus station, mines and Blacksmith. To get them up and running, the player needs to complete the Boiler Room bundle from the Community Center.

  • Blacksmith’s Bundle – Copper Bar, Iron Bar, Gold Bar.
  • Geologists’s Bundle – Quartz, Earth Crystal, Frozen Tear, Fire Quartz.
  • Adventurer’s Bundle (Any 2) – Slime (99), Bat Wing (10), Solar Essence, Void Essence.


Now exactly how the developer of the game intended it to be, but modding the game sure is an easy way of fast travel. The modder community is churning out new mods so be sure to check it out.