Stardew Valley Guide: Getting Coal

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A reminiscent of Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley is a farm simulator RPG game. Players need to look after their farms and become a part of Pelican Town by exploring various areas. There are tons of things to do to become the top farmer in the game.

This guide will show how to get an important resource namely coal.

Stardew Valley Guide: Getting Coal

Coal is useful for furnaces which are used to smelt ores into bars. Around Pelican town, there are a lot of rocks. These can be picked with the pickaxe for stone and coal.

Once the player learns how to craft Charcoal Kiln, 20 pieces of wood can be traded in for one piece of coal. The player can also buy coal from the blacksmith at 150 coins.

Coal can also be used to craft a variety of items.