Stardew Valley Guide: Getting A Dinosaur

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A reminiscent of Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley is a farm simulator RPG game. Players need to look after their farms and become a part of Pelican Town by exploring various areas. There are tons of things to do to become the top farmer in the game. This Getting A Dinosaur guide will show how to get a dinosaur.

Stardew Valley Guide: Getting A Dinosaur

There are dinosaurs in Stardew Valley but they cannot be ridden.

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide: Getting A Dinosaur


The player needs a dinosaur egg first. These can be obtained either by artifact hunting, fishing or by a dinosaur itself. Once obtained, place it in the incubator and wait for the baby dinosaur to come out.

Every one to five days, it will leave a dinosaur egg. These can either be hatched in the incubator or sold for 350 gold coins. A dinosaur with the maximum amount of hearts will sell at 1278 gold coins.