Stardew Valley Guide: Location of Ghostfish

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A reminiscent of Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley is a farm simulator RPG game. Players need to look after their farms and become a part of Pelican Town by exploring various areas. There are tons of things to do to become the top farmer in the game. This Location Of Ghostfish guide will show how to catch a ghostfish.

Stardew Valley Guide: Location Of Ghostfish

There are many fishes in the game to catch. One such is the ghostfish which is required for one of the Community Center bundles.

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide: Location Of Ghostfish


It is rare so the easiest way to get one is by heading to the mines. The player needs to be at level 20. There’s an underground lake here. The player can get a ghostfish easily there. Upgrading the rod helps too. Luck based grab is via the travelling cart.