Starfield – the Game With an Ecstatic Space Exploration Experience Arriving Nov 2022

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Starfield, Bethesda’s next big game, took a long time to unveil, but it’s now done! A true space exploration game, the title is a blockbuster that takes its time, which will be an Xbox exclusive.

To play a game of exploration in space as we have never seen before: this is the best of Bethesda. Bought by Microsoft for a good 7 billion dollars, there is no doubt that the development studio is up to such an investment, and it starts with the exclusivity of Xbox and PC!

Starfield Release date:

November 11, 2022

Until the end, Starfield will not have mastered anything. A few minutes before the Microsoft – Bethesda conference of E3 2021, an article leaked on the internet specifying the release date. It is confirmed shortly after: November 11, 2022.

The last few months were not the most reassuring around this new video game: Pete Hines, one of the directors of Bethesda Softworks, indicated in May 2020 that the game was progressing well but that you should not expect to hear about it. Lots of leaks during 2020 and 2021 reveal elements of the game and mention a release date between 2023 and 2024! They had seen a little late. Renowned journalist Jason Schreier mentions a release date at the very end of 2022! And he was right.

Starfield: development and news

The first rumors date back to the eve of E3 2018. This period, always rich in various and varied “leaks,” however, saw the appearance of rather reliable sources. On 4CHAN, with a sulfurous reputation, a post specified the big points of Bethesda’s announcements during the show, and Starfield was in it!

Starfield’s name doesn’t come out of anywhere. In 2016, the parent company behind Bethesda registered this name and logo. In the description, the keywords mobile, mobile game, computer game, interactive game.

Starfield would therefore be in production for years. He would even be born in 2008, around the release of Fallout 3! After the release of Skyrim and Fallout 4, the space sci-fi game would have passed the second, and many development teams would have started working on it.

  • Starfield will have to make room for another behemoth of Bethesda: The Elder Scrolls 6, which is also eagerly awaited!

Starfield is exclusive to Xbox and PC. Playstation consoles, whether PS4 or PS5, will not get this title. On the other hand, it will arrive on Xbox Game Pass!

Starfield Gameplay:

Very little has been disclosed, and the leaks are not always reliable. Officially, Bethesda has only announced two things: the title will take over the structure of Skyrim and use the new Creation Engine 2. And the game universe takes place 300 years in the future.

The leaks are, however, more generous, with lots of crispy elements, which have not yet been proven:

Starfield would take place between two periods, on a planet far from Earth. The universe around would generate randomly, much like No Man’s Sky, and enemies would react based on what’s going on around. For example, an enemy on a planet without oxygen cannot be this or that race, which would give uniqueness and logic.

  • Like Skyrim, players could alternate between the FPS view and third-person view.
  • Transport vehicles would be present but would not occupy the central part of the exploration.
  • The presence of an oxygen bar and a gravity measurement shows that it will be possible to be free in space exploration, even “on foot.”