State of Decay 2 Beginners Guide – Everything You Need to Know to Excel

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State of Decay 2, from Microsoft Studios, released on May 22, 2018 and here we are with State of Decay 2 beginner guide. The prequel to the game released in 2013. State of Decay 2 is available for PC and Xbox One. So let’s move on and find out what are some of the best tips for State of Decay 2 that will make playing the open world zombie survival video game even more fun. You can play the game from a third-person view and it features cooperative gameplay. So you can play with three other teammates.

The tips given below are a great start for all beginners out there or those who would want to use some tips to play better.

State of Decay 2 Beginners Guide

Resources Are Vital

One of the vital factors in your win are the resources. Resources in the form of consumables, community resources and also items that you need to locate and then make use of. These consumables, community resources and items can always be found as large backpack or sack. Once you find them, you can either get them on your truck and then drive away or you also carry these sacks on your back. Now these resources, which include food, medicines and some crafting items, will go for your community. This in turn will be make sure that the community is safe, which subsequently helps to maintain high morale level.

Leader Selection Should Be Made Carefully

Selecting a leader is always a task of responsibility. Same goes here in State of Decay 2. When the members of your community enough earn standing points, their rank can be changed Civilian to Hero. Now once they go through this transition, then the Hero member can be assigned as a leader. This assignment needs to be done considering that the leader you choose is worth keeping for the rest of the game. Otherwise in case you find want to replace the leader, it can be done only if you exile them from the community. The game has four different types of leader, each responsible for leading you on a different set of story objectives.

New Maps Can be Dangerous

Make sure that you be on the map that you start with. This is because you can once you start on one of the three maps available in State Of Decay 2, only that can be explored for that community. If you take a road that that will take you to new map, then all the progress that you have made in the current map will be lost.

Outposts Can be Useful Too

There are six outposts in the game. You can occupy them apart from Home Base. Occupying outposts can be beneficial in terms of the getting additional beds, some valuable items, water supply, electric supply, food items like coffee. Look and occupy outposts that can provide you the resources that your community needs most. The resources are automatically delivered to your Home Base on daily basis.

Vehicles are Crucial

Vehicles are important. You need them for taking resources to your home base, travelling to far distances and escape from zombies. So it is good to use the fuel and repair kits judiciously in the beginning of the game. Look out for the best vehicles, go out and bring as much resources as possible when return to home base. Don’t waste them on less important vehicles.

Custom Community Can be Beneficial

At the start of the game, the player is given a choice of a few starting communities. Whatever you choose will work depending on your gaming style. However, in order to acquire more control, you need to do small task. You need to complete the tutorial by occupying your first Home Base with any of the previously made communities. Next step will be to exit to the main menu. Then navigate to Manage Communities and now select a new community. Then you will get many new options coming up. With this, it will be possible to start your community while continuously randomizing three different survivors having different skills.

Stay Out of Reach of Plague Zombies

Plague zombies are dangerous and you need to stay out of reach of these zombies. You can easily identify the Plague Zombies their dark red color. When the Plague zombies attack, they not only causes you damage to health but also cause Blood Plague damage. Be careful as once you get enough Blood Plague damage, you get infected and this will kill you if not cured fast.

Skills Go a Long Way

All your survivors need skills. They will be having the basic skills like Fighting, Shooting, Cardio and more. But there is slot for a final skill also. These skills are unique and are of help the communities efforts. While some of these final skills have the capability to boost experience points rates by up to 100%. There are others that help you build facilities at the Home Base and some helps to unlock new moves in combat

Home Base – A Vital Aspect, Should Be Selected Wisely

Home Base, the most important aspect in the game.  It is the Home Base that you do all your construction. It is the place where survivors from your community assemble. Initially you can choose it. It will be already selected for you as the form of a story objective. But after that you can choose one and the previous Home Base gets destroyed as there can be only one Home Base at a given point of time. Since you will be doing constructions, ensure that the base you choose has slots that you want. The best in every map is the master base. This will cost 3,500 Influence Points each.

Frequent Survivors Switching

Expeditions can be hectic and rough. In the expeditions, your survivors can get injured or tired. As a result the performance drops and increase chances of severe damage. To avoid that, switch the survivors. Refilling stamina is great but switching is the best option. For this you need to go to your Home Base and visit your beds and switch to other members of your community.

So now you have all State of Decay 2 beginners guide details, all secrets tips to get you started in the game.