Stray Secret Trophies List

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The adventurous video game Stray with a super adorable Cat as the main character is out now. Here we are talking about Stray secret trophies list and how you can achieve them. The game is getting very good reviews with 10 on 10 by Steam already.

While you set out on the cat adventure, you will find many trophies to achieve and unlock. Read on to find all the secret trophies in the game and what you can do to unlock each of them.

Stray Secret Trophies List and How to Achieve Them

Trophy NameLevelHow to Achieve the Trophy / Task to Complete
Al-Cat-RazSilverGet to the Prison.
Can’t Cat-ch MeGoldWithout getting caught, successfully complete the first Zurk pursuit.
Cat Got Your Tongue?BronzeFor this trophy, you will need the friendly drone companion. B-12 needs to translate a robot.
CatwalkGoldGet to Midtown.
Eye OpenerGoldFirst you need to complete the game. Then once you open the city, this trophy will unlock.
I Remember!GoldAccumulate all B-12 memories.
Missed JumpBronzeThis needs a fall and that too inside the city.
Not AloneSilverOnce you meet with the drone B-12, the trophy is yours.
PacifistGoldDo not kill any Zurks and complete the Sewers.
ScratchBronzeA cat’s best pass time is to scratch. Yes that is what needs to be done to the vinyl in the club.
SneakittySilverGo stealth mode. Avoid getting seeing by the Sentinels while you go through Midtown.