The Surge Guide: Boss Fight Big Sister 1/3

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The Surge released in May 2017 and is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. It is developed by Deck13 Interactive and is a spiritual successor to Lords Of The Fallen. It has many gameplay elements shared with The Surge. The player has a exoskeleton to fight the combats in a grim world in the future where all the resources have exhausted and there are environmental diseases. The suit can customized and also and upgraded. You can also choose to finish off enemies in bullet-time fashion. This guide describes about The Surge Boss Fight Big Sister 1/3.

After you climb to the central cooling tower in the second area, fall onto the moving machine. This is where you will encounter the boss Big Sister 1/3. This guide will show how to beat this boss in the game.

The Surge Boss Fight Big Sister 1/3


The boss will use its arms to attack you, one at a time. Use your lock on and target the arm that is winding up. Watch out for a laser beam which the boss shoots occasionally. The claws will either stab you from the back or will try to smash you. Dodge before they hit you. After this attack, the arms will pause for a brief moment which is when you should attack. Damage them. Repeat this process.


After awhile, you will find yourself in a hellscape with fiery robot arms. The torches are weak but four of them attack you at once. This is a very fast phase. Take out the torches whenever you get the chance and look out for thrust attacks. Use the dodge and strike technique. After a while, the boss’ core will be exposed.


Attack the center console. Spider arms surround the core which can attack you. Dodge more frequently than attacking as those spider arms can deal a lot of damage. Attack the core and jump back. Wait for the arms to open up and dodge this attack. Keep attacking the core and after a while, this boss will go down.