The Surge Guide: Boss Fight Firebug, How to Defeat Firebug

The Surge Boss Fight Firebug

The Surge portrays a grim image of the impact of technological evolution in relation to society and the environment which led to a dystopian future. The mankind is left with no resources amid chaos and diseases. This action role playing game, a spiritual successor to Lords Of The Fallen, was released in May 2017. Developed by Deck13 Interactive for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and published by Focus Home Interactive. You will have a suit, an exoskeleton to battle enemies. The suit can be customized and upgraded through modular upgrades. You can also finish off enemies in bullet-time fashion. Let’s find out details about The Surge Boss Fight Firebug and how to defeat Firebug.

Firebug is one of the tough bosses in the game. This guide will show how to defeat this boss in the game.

The Surge Boss Fight Firebug

He will hover above the ground and will use its six arms as weapons. He will spin and float towards you. Dodge this attack. Lock onto a limb and attack. Be sure to maintain some distance between the boss and you.

Continue attacking the same arm until it collapses. The lock will target the joint now. Attack it till it breaks. Repeat this till it has just 3 limbs left.

Now, Firebug will fly in the air. Then, it will charge at you from across the room. Be sure to dodge this attack as it deals heavy damage. Use vertical strikes to attack him. Remove the limbs like before while dodging. After the limbs are dealt with, attack the central brain.

Another attack which this boss will use is that it will attack you with its arms and body. He will also shoot jet flames. Avoid the fire at all costs by staying away or on top of it. Destroy the brain to win the fight.

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