The Surge Guide: Boss Fight PAX, How to Defeat PAX

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Developed by Deck13 Interactive, The Surge is an action role-playing video game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Surge shares many gameplay elements with Lords Of The Fallen. It was published by Focus Home Interactive in May 2017. Depicting the dystopian future of mankind with disorder and and environmental diseases. You fight the enemies with the help of an exoskeleton, which is customisable. It can also be upgraded. You can clear off enemies in bullet-time fashion. Here in this guide, we will discuss about the The Surge Boss Fight PAX.

PAX is the first boss in the game. This boss becomes active once you activate the power to the train. This guide will show how to defeat this boss in the game.

The Surge Boss Fight PAX

This is more like a puzzle than a fight. Attack his legs first. His health will not drop but an orange bar starts to fill under his health bar. Once it is filled, PAX vents his systems. When he is doing that, attack him. He will use his arms to swing at you and also will try to stomp you if you get too close. Attack him and then jump away. Once his health is down a bit, he will try to kick you. Attack it from the backside then.

He will also jump to a different area and shoot missiles. Find shelter as these missiles can track you. Take shelter under PAX himself and the missiles will hit him. He will be down on his knees. Its central motor will be exposed now. Attack it. Once PAX stands up, the fight resumes. Repeat this process till he goes down permanently. Rip off its arm-sword to get a neat souvenir.

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