The Surge Guide: Boss Fight Rogue Process

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The Surge is a spiritual successor to Lords Of The Fallen. You can find many that both these games share several gameplay elements. It is Deck13 Interactive developed game released in May 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This action role-playing video game, portrays a grim picture of the future where humans have exhausted all the resources and there are environmental diseases. You play the defeat the enemies with the help of an exosuit. It is customisable and upgradable exoskeleton that will help you in your battles with the enemies. This article describes The Surge Boss fight Rogue Process.

This is the final boss in the game. Once you upload the virus into the rocket and lower the barrier, go into the infected area. Go to the overload station and charge it to start the fight. This guide will show how to beat this boss in the game.

The Surge Boss Fight Rogue Process


A giant mass of metal forms into a beast. This boss has lots of limbs glowing a bluish white. You have to destroy these pieces one by one and remove the block on the station to make the rogue process whole again.

Dodge its sweeping attacks and go behind it. Attack on the limbs as much as possible until it stops all motion for a brief moment. This is a charging process for a very powerful attack covering a large area. Dodge away quickly. The boss gets more aggressive as its health depletes. You will get fewer and fewer vulnerable points to attack. Stay away from the boss and attack after it you dodge one of its attacks. Once its health has dropped to 1/3rd, it will become completely red. Run up to the central console and overcharge it.


This will cause the boss to lose almost all of its mass. The Process will become a small human enemy. Now, the boss is faster so watch out for quick combos. This boss has now become a basic enemy so fight like you would fight a basic enemy. Stay away and attack when there is an opening. Eventually, the boss will fall.

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