The Surge Guide: Combat Tips to Defeat Enemies

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The Surge is a spiritual successor to Lords Of The Fallen which is a Deck13 Interactive game. It shares many gameplay elements with The Surge. This action role-playing video game was published by Focus Home Interactive in May 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The player uses a customisable and upgradable exoskeleton to battle enemies. The players also can finish off enemies in bullet-time fashion. Here in this guide, you will find The Surge combat tips.

There are many types of enemies in the game and more often than not, you will be fighting on an open ground. This guide will show some combat tips which could be the defining moment in the combat.

The Surge Combat Tips


Vertical and horizontal are the two basic types of attacks in the game. The weaker part of the enemy will be highlighted in a white circle. If it turns blue, it means you can deal double damage there. Use combos to take them down and use the same technique to defeat bosses as well. Attacking while running deals additional damage so use that whenever possible.


Attack at the same time as your enemy and this will negate the enemy attack. This is a useful technique when you can not escape fights.


The best defensive move you can make is to dodge an enemy attack and then immediately jump back. It will evade enemy attacks easily. You can also use a counter-attack here. When you are in the air after jumping, attack the enemy. This move is difficult so it may take you some practice.


There are many weapons in the game but it is recommended to make yourself familiar with one weapon. Choose weapons that give you total speed. Make sure to have complete mastery in one weapon.


Scan for usable objects in your surroundings and use them against the enemy. This will cause additional damage to enemies playing a crucial role in boss fights.


The basic block does not negate an enemy attack but it reduces the damage you take. Instantly, attack the enemy after blocking to deal additional damage. When you are low in health and cant afford any more health drops, use dodge instead of block.


Before a boss fight, always make sure to head to the medbay to refill your power core so that you are at full fighting condition before the boss fight.


In many areas, you will get ambushed by enemies. There will be enemy drones, humanoids, etc all around you. Run away a bit and lock onto a target. Attack it and then run again. Lock onto another target and attack and again run. Use this hit and run approach to take out enemies when ambushed without taking any damage.


When triggered, press E when the enemy is at its final breath. This is a special attack dealing additional damage and can be performed on enemies whose health is lower than 20%.

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