The Surge Guide: How To Farm Crafting Materials

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The spiritual successor to Lords Of The Fallen, The Surge is an action role-playing video game. You can find many that both these games share several gameplay elements. It is Deck13 Interactive developed game and was released in May 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game portrays a grim picture of the future where humans have exhausted all the resources and there are environmental diseases. You play the defeat the enemies with the help of an exo-rig. It is customizable and upgradable exoskeleton that will help you in your battles with the enemies. Let’s find out how to farm crafting materials in The Surge.

You need materials to build a new and better gear. This guide will show how to farm for crafting materials in the game.

The Surge How To Farm Crafting Materials

In order to craft new gear, for example, a Body Gear, you will need the materials and Techscrap. You can obtain the TechScrap from enemies or by using consumables. The crafting materials are found from cutting off specific body parts of enemies.

Find enemies with armored bodies and target their body. Attack that part till you get the finisher icon. Hit the finisher move to finish off the enemy. Depending on how much damage you have dealt to that part, you may or may not get the materials you need. Grab the broken body gear piece, if you successfully manage to obtain it, and go to the Gear Station. There, you can break it down into useful materials required for crafting new gear. Use vertical strikes if you are targeting the head to deal more damage.

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