The Surge Guide: How To Find Power Core

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Depicting a sad picture of the future, the spiritual successor to Lords Of The Fallen, The Surge, released in May 2017. This action role-playing video game shares many several gameplay elements with Lords Of The Fallen. Deck13 Interactive developed it for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game shows a time in the future when humans have exhausted all the resources and there are environmental diseases. The play fights enemies with the help of an exo-rig. You can customized and upgraded exoskeleton and it will help you in your battles with the enemies. Let’s find out how to find Power Core in The Surge.

Once you begin the game, after a few minutes, it is revealed that you need to find a Power Core to activate the rest of the suit’s functions. This guide will show how to find the power core in the game.

The Surge Guide: How To Find Power Core

The Surge Power Core Location

Go out from the front exit of the OPS Centre and go downstairs. A tutorial will play out on targeting specific enemy body parts. Take out the first Exo-Rig enemy in front of you and go around the corner. There are two more enemies so take out the closest one. There will be an Exo-Rig enemy banging his head against the wall. Target it using the Middle Mouse button and select the head as the subtarget. Use vertical and horizontal strikes to attack its head and defeat it. Take the pickup item that has dropped which is your Power Core.

How to install this power core?

Go back to the Medbay in the OPS Centre and interact with it. This will install your power core and you will be able to upgrade it with enough Techscrap.

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