The Surge Guide: How To Get Schematics To Upgrade Exo-Rig

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The Surge is an action role-playing video game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Developed by Deck13 Interactive, it is a spiritual successor to the developer’s Lords Of The Fallen. You can find many that both these games share many gameplay elements. It released in May 2017 for . The surge paints a grim image of the future. It shows a time when humans have exhausted all the resources and there are environmental diseases. You play the defeat the enemies with the help of an exosuit. It is customisable and upgradable exoskeleton that will help you in your battles with the enemies. In this guide we will see out how to get Schematics to upgrade Exo-Rig.

Once you begin the game, the Exo-Rig will be missing many pieces of the outer gear and you have to find the schematics to upgrade it. This guide will show how to get these schematics in the game.

The Surge: How To Get Schematics To Upgrade The Exo-Rig

You need to target specific enemy body parts to get schematics. Find the enemies with the particular piece of armor you want to get the schematics of. Target the head with the mouse wheel in case of Rhino Exo-Rig schematics. Attack with horizontal and vertical strikes until the finisher icon pops up. Hit the finisher and if you have damaged the body part enough, the schematic item will appear as a pickup once you finish off the enemy. This may not happen in the first go so keep trying until you get the required schematics.

Now, go to the Gear Station in the OPS Centre to activate it and start building the piece. Once it is finished, go to your inventory to equip it. Locate the slot where you want to equip the gear piece and click on it. Close the inventory menu and your gear part is now equipped.

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