The Surge Guide: Level Up Faster

The Surge Guide: Level Up Faster

The Surge is set in a dystopian future. The resources exhausted and the world in a state of disorder. The game is a spiritual successor to Lords Of The Fallen owing to its share of many gameplay elements. The Surge is developed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One by Deck13 Interactive and released in May 2017. You will have an exoskeleton to fight with enemies. The suit can be upgraded and customized. This guide is about how to level up faster in The Surge.

The more you level up, the more powerful you become and the more easily you can deal with enemies. This guide will show how to level up quickly in the game.

The Surge Level Up Faster


Your Core Power is your level. Unlike other RPG games, when you level up, you get a little bit of health and a +1 to your overall core power. You don’t have an option to place a skill point in a specific stat. All armor pieces and implants use Core Power. Each of the armor pieces you wear and implants you use have a specific core power requirement. Pay attention to that.

Farm for levels if you are unable to obtain all the desired armor pieces and implants. The number of core power levels available restrict you to choose between light armor and powerful implants or heavy armor and weak implants. You cannot have the best of both worlds.


Implants are basically skills and stat bonuses in the game. They allow you to choose between carrying healing implants or extra core power implants.

The implant system allows a wide range of customization and experimentation options. Play around with the various types and find the one which suits you the best.


This is the in-game currency. You gain these when you defeat enemies. This is used to level up your core power and to purchase upgrades. The more enemies you defeat before returning to a medbay, the more tech scrap per enemy you earn.

This is a double-edged sword. Because the longer to stay out in the field, the more health items you use. But if you go with less health items, you will most likely run into a situation too much for you. However the more enemies you defeat, the more tech scrap you earn. But, if you die in the field, you lose all the tech scrap.

You can get it back if you can get to the place where you died in just 3 minutes. And enemies will try to stop you. So, find a balance between the two.

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