The Surge Guide: How To Use Overcharge

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The surge is a Deck13 Interactive game. It released this year in the month of May for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It is a spiritual successor to the game Lords Of The Fallen as both these games share several gameplay elements. The shows takes you to a future where all the resources have exhausted and there are environmental diseases. You play the defeat the enemies with the help of an exo-rig. You can customize and upgrade the exo-rig or exoskeleton that will help you in your battles. This guide discussed about how to use Overcharge in The Surge.

Overcharging feature is introduced to the player very early in the game and it may seem confusing at first. This guide will show how to use overcharge in the game.

The Surge Guide: How To Use Overcharge

Overcharge basically allows you to transfer your suit’s energy to pipes or power lines. This allows new paths by opening up doors, powering up lights and other systems. As you explore CREO’s various areas, you will need to use this feature a lot so it will be good to make yourself familiar with it.

How to use this Overcharge feature?

There are select junctions at specific areas where you can use Overcharge. The amount of power required is marked by large numbers on the item so you will know how much power is required to power that system.

How to increase Overcharge power?

You need to collect enough Techscrap and go to the MedBay. Interact with the medical chair there and funnel your Techscrap into the power core. This increases your power core level and it will also increase the amount of overcharge power you have in your suit. If you don’t have enough Overcharge power to power a system, no need to worry. You can increase your core level and return to the same area and then power it.

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