The Surge HDR Support PlayStation 4 – PS4 PRO Update Detailed

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The latest Surge update has just been released by  Deck 13, it introduces a slew of tweaks, improvements and fixes for the game.

This update is extremely significant for PS4 players as it introduces HDR support for the platform among various fixes and tweaks. Complete details of the update are below:

The Surge – Update 53172 (P4) / 33503 (SVN)


HDR functionality added.

A kill switch button combination for players being stuck has been added (Press ‘LB’, ‘LT’, ‘RB’, ‘RT’, ‘LS’ and ‘RS’ at the same time) – Please only use this when your character is stuck.

Added an option to bind jumping/ducking from blocking to the left stick (when using a controller)

Bug Fixes

Player will be able to block most attacks. This refers to enemy attacks that were only able to be ducked or hopped, which prior to the change ignored blocking. You will now be able to block these attacks, but they consume more stamina than ‘standard’ attacks.

Fixed some random crashes triggered by accessing invalid memory

It is now easier to stagger enemies using light, faster-hitting weapons.

Removed Exploits where the player could receive unlimited Tech Scrap by switching the UI while dismantling objects

Potential random crash in the animation system

TDR crashes on Kepler GPUs (Nvidia 7## and 6## series)

Fixed holes in collision where the player could get stuck

Correctly apply fall damage when doing a plunging/jumping attack

The staff wielding security guards will no longer parry counterattacks and backstabs

Always apply the correct damage from counter attacks following from ducking under or jumping over enemy attacks

Fixed the behavior when binding target switching to the right stick

Properly store the button imagery configured in the options menu

Properly negate 100% toxic damage when wearing the Liquidator armor set

Enemy super armor was not decreasing properly in some cases after a string of quick successive hits

Fixed level transition elevators that were no longer available after dying in the moving elevator

Fixed respawn positions of the player on level transition elevators that caused players falling into their death immediately after loading a savegame

Loot drops of the smelting machines are now saved in the level so it can be collected even when dying after defeating the smelting machine

Fixed an issue where the “Big Sister” achievement did not unlock properly after killing the Big Sister 1/3

Mapping the dodge button to Circle will no longer cause the player to dodge every time the player “backs out” of the game menu.

Possible crash when leaving New Game+ at the beginning and starting a new game.

Gameplay blocker if the player does not collect the Security Exo-Rig after destroying the case. This will also fix broken saves.

Various AR elements should no longer appear in the wrong locations.

for more updates regarding The Surge, stay tuned.