System Shock 3 is Officially in Development

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The first two System Shock titles are classic PC titles from back in the 90s. System Shock 2 is particularly beloved by gamers because it was one of the first titles made by Bioshock creators Irrational Games, with Ken Levine being the designer from that game and taking inspiration from it while developing the first Bioshock. System Shock 3 was announced back in December.

Now, OtherSide Entertainment has announced that the long-awaited sequel, System Shock 3, has entered development with people behind the original System Shock games, Thief II and Deus Ex working on it. The lead of the project is Warren Spector, a recognized figure in the gaming industry that worked on some titles from these franchises and more, like Epic Mickey.

Not much else is known about System Shock 3, considering it only just entered development. We at least know some quality figures from the industry are helping to shape it. As we know more, we’ll be sure to report it.