Take Care of Your Gadgets At Home

Take Care of Your Gadgets At Home

It’s not unusual to find a home peppered with loads of electronics, including televisions, laptops, cameras, and speakers to mention a few. However, most homeowners are too busy to focus on taking care of these prized items. Others have no idea how to keep them safe, and a good number of homeowners are ready to buy another device if the current one crashes. Home gadgets are ultimately sources of utility; they make life easier by rendering household chores easier while others provide the much-needed entertainment during gloomy moments. Hence, keeping them functioning properly is extremely important. The following are some easy tips that one can practice to keep home electronics such as laptops, tablets, and phones safe.

Get a Case for the Electronic Devices

Most electronics are susceptible to breakage and getting damaged by water. Getting a good case for them is, therefore, a critical step in keeping these electronics functional for longer. Some gadgets come with cases while others don’t. However, many people think that these covers are overrated or just flashy. Cases are tasked with protecting the electronics in the event that they get dropped or when something spills on them. Also, cases can potentially prevent untimely wear of the devices, which ought to happen eventually due to their daily use.

Apart from protecting them from falls and wearing out, encasing gadgets will also keep dust and dirt at bay. Moreover, items like televisions and phones ought to be protected using a screen protector, and while this will cost the user a few bucks, it will prove to be worthwhile in the long run. Cases and screen protectors might appear like an additional and unnecessary cost, but they might be the difference between total destruction and a near-fall.

Cleaning the Electronics

Most people are aware that they need to wash their homes and body, but few know that they should also clean their electronics. Every homeowner should understand the importance of keeping electronic devices clean and neat just like with other possessions. Besides, they should be cautious when tidying these items and comprehend that just like electronics are different, so is the manner of cleaning. To this end, they may want to check online for cleaning guidelines or ask the dealer how to clean the devices without damaging them. Also, it is important to ‘clean’ the digital devices such as laptops and phones by deleting unnecessary applications. This reduces the risk of the gadgets crashing.

Charging Them Carefully

If a homeowner is the kind of person who charges their electronics whenever they get access to an outlet, it is time to stop. An electronic gadget can be compared to a glass and the battery charge to water. If the glass is half full and homeowner finds it fit to fill it up, the chances are that the water will go stale and hence affect the entire content.

This habit is notoriously common among phone users. After constant charging for a year, the battery becomes worn out and unable to sustain a charge for even one hour. It’s, therefore, prudent to only charge the electronic devices when they raise the alarm for low battery. One will also want to unplug the gadget when fully charged to avoid diminishing the battery life.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the electrical outlets that are safe for plugging in the devices. Choosing the right outlet could be the difference between the longevity and death of a gadget. One can also invest in safe plugs, which will help in extending the life of the electronics while also saving on energy consumption.

Handle the Gadgets Carefully

While this unspoken rule might sound obvious, many people hardly observe it. Handling electronic devices with care will save the homeowner loads of money that they’d otherwise spend on repair and replacement costs. For instance, it’s imperative to avoid folding the cables tightly as it speeds up wearing and tearing and can also lead to a short in the cord. Instead, one should use the original packaging of the device when storing. If the packaging is long gone, they may consider cushioning the gadget with some insulation material before stashing it in a box.

When handling gadgets with screens, one should avoid placing anything on the top. It’s also essential to read the manufacturer’s manual and learn the best ways to handle specific devices. Some people think that reading a manual is for the nerds, but they might be surprised to know that they haven’t been taking care of their devices as they should.

Take the Devices To An Authorized Dealer

If an electronic device malfunctions, one should refrain from rushing it to a cheap repairer. While taking broken electronics to an authorized dealer might appear to be expensive, it will prove to be worthwhile in the long run. Unqualified dealers are likely to worsen the gadget’s condition thus costing the homeowner significantly when fixing the errors. This makes it imperative to seek the services of a certified technician.

Keep them in Rooms with Controlled Humidity

Keeping electronics in damp or wet environments is the greatest mistake that people make. This includes near a swimming pool, beach or even on wet surfaces. In essence, electronic gadgets can be destroyed if relative home humidity is not optimal. Keeping them in environments that are too humid can potentially lead to the corrosion of the connectors and circuit boards. Conversely, electronics shouldn’t be placed in rooms with excessively low humidity lest the static discharge of the circuit boards reaches dangerous voltage levels.


The above tips might appear obvious, but they can potentially prolong the usable life of electronic gadgets. They are also excellent answers to people who wonder why their electronic devices keep malfunctioning. Recognizing that electronic gadgets are a great investment is the first step to appropriately taking care of them, which will ultimately protect the environment and the homeowner’s wallet.